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100 Feet

04.26.2012, Horror Movies, Thriller, by .
100 Feet

100 Feet

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Title: 100 Feet (2008)
Duration: 96 min | USA: 104 min (unrated version)
Cast: Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale, Ed Westwick, Michael Paré
IMDB Rating : 5/10

Marnie Watson (Famke Jansen) kills her husband in self defense while struggling with her life ruined by her cruel husband who is also a cop. She is sentenced imprisonment which she serves for rest of her life until it is decided to shift her to her home where she has to be packed until her period of imprisonment is finished. While being in her home she feels that there is someone else also who tries to terrify her. Slowly she comes to know that his dead husband has returned to kill her and take his revenge from the lady who is cause of his death. The bad has turned worst after death and the survival of Marnie is in danger which is neither seen nor believed by anyone.

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