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100 Million B.C.

04.26.2012, Action Movies, Adventure, Fantasy, by .
100 Million B.C.

100 Million B.C.

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Title: 100 Million BC (Video 2008)
Duration: 85 min
Cast: Michael Gross, Christopher Atkins, Greg Evigan, Marie Westbrook
IMDB Rating : 2/10

A scientist who travels in the past to the Cretaceous period to save the team that he sent first time in that period under his experiments. The bad luck attached to his fortune doesn’t leaves him here also and while returning back to the present day Los Angeles he by mistake brings a huge man eating dinosaur with him. This adds to the failure that he carried all his life and now he has to save lives to prove that he is not a looser and he is worthy enough to save the world with his brain and skills.

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