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12.27.2011, Action Movies, Adventure, by .

Watch Trailer :-Apocalypto(Trailer)

Watch Movie :-Apocalypto(Full Movie online)

Title: Apocalypto (2006)
Duration: 139 min
 Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Trujillo, Dalia Hernández, Rudy Youngblood
IMDB Rating : 7/10

Apocalypto can be categorized as an action movie with some mythical approach included to add flavor in the script. The movie is story of a man whose existence has been permanently changed making him sacrifice his old life or sake of pleasing god. Mayan kingdom wants Jaguar Paw a tribe from a village to sacrifice his life for better lifestyle of their own kingdom. Paw decides to oppose and save his family including his pregnant wife and child instead of accepting the sacrifice as others did. Movie is an awesome work by best action directors of the world being a part of the movie team.

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