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Batman Begins

06.22.2011, Super Hero Movies, by .

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

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Title: Batman Begins (2005)
Duration: 140 min
Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson
IMDB Rating : 8/10

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) a disillusioned Industrial is the main character of the movie whose parents were killed when he was quite young. He travels all over the world in search of means to fight against injustice. He spends time with criminals to know their ways and strategies and then returns to Botham with his own darker side: Batman, as his secret identity. Bruce Wayne creates an image of Billionaire Playboy to keep in touch with criminals. Batman has an armored suit and car provided by Fox (Morgan Freeman) who is Business manager of Wayne enterprise. Batman becomes fear for those who believed to run on fear and fights for Botham.

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