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Die Hard: With a Vengeanc

11.11.2011, Action Movies, by .
Die Hard With a Vengeanc

Die Hard With a Vengeanc

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Title:Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)
Duration: 131 min
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson
IMDB Rating7.5/10

Die Hard films one another chronologically. But you could watch them in any order as these are not constructed in chapters.  In that movie Bruce Willis returns as misfit cop John McClane in the third film in the Die Hard series. After moving to New York City and breaking up with his wife, McClane has fallen on hard times. He’s developed a drinking problem and has been suspended from the NYPD. However, his past comes back to haunt him in the form of Simon (Jeremy Irons), a terrorist bomber who has been using McClane as his contact as he plants a series of bombs in public places. McClane soon discovers he’s been involved in Simon’s scheme as part of a personal grudge. Simon is also the brother of the man McClane threw off the side of a skyscraper several years back. The movie is as entertaining as his previous movies.


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