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Gone with the Wind

12.19.2011, Romantic Movies, War Movies, by .

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Title: Gone with the Wind (1939)
Duration: USA: 238 min (restored DVD version) | Sweden: 223 min (1969 re-release) | Sweden: 234 min (1985 re-release) | UK: 224 min (1994 re-release) | UK: 233 min (1989 re-release) | 226 min (copyright length)
  Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell
IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

The movie begins in 1864 where young charming Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) finds her love Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) moving in hand of another woman Melanie Hamilton (Olivia de Havilland). Though advised by her father and trusted servant she still thinks she can get him back and stars trying for the same. Scarlett intends to throw herself at Ashley at an upcoming barbecue at Twelve Oaks where she Alone with Ashley, she goes into a fit of histrionics, all of which is witnessed by roguish Rhett Butler (Clark Gable).

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