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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

06.20.2011, Super Hero Movies, by .

Hellboy II

Hellboy II

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Title: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
Duration: 120 min
Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, John Alexander
IMDB Rating : 7/10

This sequence changes to a memorable one due to the photosynthesizing fiend given off. The story is a happy hodgepodge of bantering humor and portentous metaphysics, packing a remarkable range of moods and genre elements into a compact 110 minutes. The mythical world starts a rebellion Nuada (Luke Goss) against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures. At the same time Hellboy also faces some misunderstanding with his girl friend Liz who is pregnant. Hellboy will also be puzzled to choose between the two i.e. Humanity or magical world as he is part of both.

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