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Music and Lyrics

06.11.2011, Romantic Movies, by .
Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics

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Title: Music and Lyrics (2007)
Duration: USA: 96 min | Philippines: 105 min | Hong Kong: 104 min | Argentina: 106 min | Croatia: 95 min (DVD)
 Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Scott Porter, Nick Bacon
IMDB Rating : 6/10

Music and Lyrics isn’t the sort of romantic comedy that will wow anyone who doesn’t already have a preference for them, but if you love Hugh (American Dreamz, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason), love Drew (Fever Pitch, 50 First Dates), and the types of movies they typically make, this is about as polished, efficient, and spot on as they come in terms of formula rom-coms.Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, a one-time pop star who was part of the synthy 80s band called “PoP!”.  When the group broke up, his singing partner’s career soared into other avenues while his floundered, leaving him today just a nostalgic memory for those old enough to remember their songs, which he performs at amusement parks, state fairs, and high school reunions. He relies mostly on his older, more popular material to sing, not having written any new material since a critically and commercially unsuccessful solo album.  He is as surprised as anyone that he would be asked to make a new song for teen pop sensation, Cora (Bennett), who happens to be a huge fan of his prior work, and wants him to come up with some brand new material for them to perform a duet. He has only a short amount of time to get it all together, but he’s rusty, and the lyricist he’s hired proves to be of little help.  However, he finds help in an unlikely place when the woman who comes in to tend his plants, Sophie Fisher, starts to put workable lyrics to what they have so far that exceeds anything they’ve been able to come up with quality-wise.  Fletcher immediately rides this horse while he can, and the two become close, both professionally and commercially, but problems arise between them when it seems that Cora wants to take everything they’ve done and make it into one of her sexy, gyrating pop numbers she has become famous for.

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