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Nancy Drew

11.12.2011, Comedy, by .
Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

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Title: Nancy Drew (2007)
Duration: 99 min
Emma Roberts, Tate Donovan, Max Thieriot, Craig Gellis
IMDB Rating : 5/10

A capable teenage super-sleuth finds her investigative skills put to the ultimate test as director Andrew Fleming and screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen recreate the character made famous by author Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew moves to Los Angeles and immediately slips up into a mystery concerning a dead movie star and her inheritance. Nancy’s luck runs out when the bad guys get the drop on her and put Chloroform over mouth! Nancy is taken by complete surprise and barely has time to fight before the anesthetic hits her nostrils and turns out her lights! They drug Nancy in broad daylight and make her go nightly night! The attack is so effective, so precise, people walk right past the vehicle with no idea there’s a young girl inside, fully put out, chloroformed out of her mind! Nancy has no idea what hit her as her kidnapers drive her to their hideout. This movie is quite adventurous and a blend of crime and comedy.

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