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11.30.2011, Action Movies, Adventure, by .



Watch Trailer :-Predators(Trailer)

Watch Movie :-Predators(Full Movie online)

Title: Predators (2010)
Duration: 107 min
Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace
IMDB Rating :  6.4/10

Directed by Nimród Antal, the movie is remarkable with action thriller and sci-fi. In that movie the mercenary Royce, the military Isabelle, the Russian soldier Nikolai, the San Quentin criminal Stans, the Serra Leoa militia Mombasa, the drug lord Cuchillo, the Yakuza Hanzo and the Doctor Edwin awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. But soon they discover that they are on another planet and they are target of aliens in a deadly hunting game. Now they need to join forces to destroy their predators and survive…

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