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Rocky IV

06.16.2011, Sports Movies, by .



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Title: Rocky IV (1985)
Duration: 91 min
Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers
IMDB Rating : 6/10

This sequel of Rocky has arrival of Ivan Drago (Dolf Lundgren), a highly intimidating 6 foot 4 inch, 261 pound Soviet boxer who is technically sound. Ivan uses hi-tech equipments which makes him stronger and is habitual to steroid.  He is on the mission to defeat all the American star boxers and during completion of his mission Creed is killed by him. Rocky due to injuries in the last movie that occurred while defeating Lang was not taking interest but as Creed dies in his hands, Rocky announces for a rematch with Ivan. For which Rocky comes back to boxing world as he left it and decided to live a normal human life with his wife. He trains himself with the help of other friends and final scenes in ring are great to watch. This movie has been considered as the most famous one of the Rocky series

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