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12.01.2011, Action Movies, Adventure, Drama, by .



Watch Trailer :-Sanctum(Trailer)

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Title: Sanctum (2011)
Duration: 108 min
 Rhys Wakefield, Allison Cratchley, Christopher Baker, Richard Roxburgh
IMDB Rating : 5/10

Josh McGuire (Rhys Wakefield), Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd) and his girlfriend, travel to the Esa’ala Cave, an underwater cave exploration site. While exploring a section of the cave known as Devil’s Restriction, Frank (Josh’s father Richard Roxburgh) and diver Judes (Allison Cratchley) meet with an accident which results in Judes’ death, fueling arguments among the group. Unaware that a fierce storm has developed, it is discovered that communications with the surface have broken down. The storm causes a portion of the cave system to collapse, trapping the remaining divers below. With the water level quickly rising, the group attempt to find an exit route through the unexplored depths of the cave and leads to the sea.

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