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Shaolin Soccer

04.04.2012, Comedy, Sports Movies, by .
Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer

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Title: Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Duration: 113 min | Hong Kong: 102 min (DVD version) | USA: 87 min | Argentina: 89 min
Cast: Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Yut Fei Wong, Man Tat Ng
IMDB Rating : 7/10

Ancient martial art Kung fu and the sports game Soccer has been beautifullymerged to create
this outstanding action cum adventurous movie. Six young people have and a girl have lost their
faith in the Ancient art and are living their life at the worst. Same is with an old soccer player
and coach who reunites this young group with the help of one of them who is friend of all. They
altogether prepare for a competition named as “Shaolin Soccer”. Shaolin Soccer as termed is not
a simple sports but actually it’s a battle field with sports spirit.

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