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The Nature Of The Beast

06.11.2011, Thriller, by .
The Nature Of The Beast

The Nature Of The Beast

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Title: The Nature of the Beast (1995)
Duration: 91 min
 Eric Roberts, Lance Henriksen, Brion James, Frank Novak
IMDB Rating : 6/10

Nature of the Beast is a 1995 horror thriller written and directed by Victor Salva, who is also the writer/director of Jeepers Creepers and the director of Powder.In the tradition, Nature of the Beast is an intense psychological thriller about a businessman (Henriksen) drawn into a bloody game of cat and mouse by a mysterious drifter (Roberts).With the police searching for a serial killer on a murderous rampage and a million dollars missing from a Las Vegas casino, both men have something sinister to hide.But, as the lies are peeled away and their true nature is revealed, it becomes clear that one of them is a madman. The question is, which one?Nature of the Beast spent about five minutes in movie theaters before it went to video. It’s a worthy addition to any thriller fan’s Halloween movie marathon.

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