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The Next Three Days

12.02.2011, Drama, Romantic Movies, by .
The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days


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Title: The Next Three Days (2010)
Duration: 133 min | Portugal: 132 min
 Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Michael Buie
IMDB Rating : 7/10

Lara Brennan (Banks) is convicted of murdering her boss. Following the failure of her appeal, Lara’s husband John Brennan (Crowe), becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking her out of jail. Damon Pennington (Neeson) demonstrates how to escape her wife. He robs a drug lord so to have enough cash when he’d eventually escape with Lara. Meanwhile Lara transferred to hospital. He follows the ambulance and helps her to escape. He dumped all the proofs selectively to misguide the police and takes the flight. At the end of the film it turns out that the killer of Lara’s boss was just a mugger, and a series of coincidences led to Lara’s conviction.

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