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The Unborn

04.24.2012, Horror Movies, Mystery, Thriller, by .
The Unborn

The Unborn

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Title: The Unborn (2009)
Duration: 88 min | 89 min (unrated version)
Cast: Odette Annable, Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good
IMDB Rating : 4/10

Casey Beldon (Yustman) is facing a different situation than other human beings by struggling
with her views and dreams that are scary enough to steal her sleep. She is being tortured by a
Nazi German spirit who is result of a family curse and is being the worst Casey has ever faced in
her life since her mother left her in childhood. Slowly she comes to know that it’s all happening
due to the open door that has been opened by someone who was never born. The only hope of
her survival is the closing of the door, though her boyfriend and another good friend try a lot to
help her out but this problem is to be solved by her alone.

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