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06.15.2011, Animation, by .


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Duration: 96 min
Cast:Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger
IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

Up is the tenth Pixar movie in 14 years and the first one the company has ever made in 3-D. With the remarkable – perhaps even unmatched – reputation the studio has presented to its audience “Up” Featuring the voices of Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, and Jordan Nagai ,Directed by Pete Docter.The story seems borne out of a childhood daydream: Tying thousands of helium balloons to a house and taking a joyride in the clouds to South America, now filled with melancholia over never taking that trip with his late wife, Carl Fredrickson (Ed Asner) pursues their shared dream of visiting Paradise Falls in Venezuela. As children, Carl and his future wife Ellie looked up to the dashing explorer Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), who somewhat poetically vanished looking for a lost civilization over Paradise Falls, hence Carl’s unending fascination. It is the common thread that links two kids who grow up and fall in love. There is a montage early in the film that illustrates the life and memories that Carl and Ellie shared, filled with as much disappointment as happiness. It will be hard for any other scene this year to match its depth and emotional impact. And somehow, it fits in perfectly with a fairly silly buddy action movie, involving a septaugenerian, a chubby kid who has stowed away on the floating house trying to earn merit badges as a Wilderness Explorer, and a talking dog. In the end I would say, Up puts us in a floating house and carries us away, despite all logic to the contrary. Adults enjoy these movies as much as kids, maybe even more. And Up could be one of Pixar’s absolute best.

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